Data not getting stored in Firebase Database

I’m trying to store user signup details in firebase but data is not getting uploaded to firebase. It is empty.
I have added url and token. Kindly help

please check the project bucket and the url and the web api key

You are using Firebase authentication. Are you testing as apk ?

Yes, I’m using firebase authentication and that is working fine. But I’m trying to store data in real-time database but it isn’t getting stored.

Yes Dear

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Did you set any rules for reading & writing in Firebase?

Yes already set read/write to true.

Quite surprise… i hope you would have received any error . If so pls don’t hesitate to share here.

BTW, make sure you have set location for the firebase project as us-central1

Else you must delete the existing project, recreate add your app, get google-services json and add into your app… hopefully everything will work fine

chance is for database not linked to app component
Else it will throw an error

I was using Singapore Location, Now I deleted the project and created a new one with uscentral1 location. But now Realtime Database is not loading and in rules it is showing unable to load your rules.

Check if the Firebase has been integrated correctly. If done, but still not working, simply delete that project and start again from scratch.

Just reload, this is just network issue… i believe after connecting your app with this project, as said it my previous post, you will be start to see the result

I just switched my network to another sim. Now its working fine.

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