Firebase DB Append Value & Data Changed Error

I am getting “Previous value was empty” error even though My previous value is already a list and I am getting this error at first button click only. After 2nd,3rd,4th time Value is appending correctly… I already checked many posts and found many koders have same problem I try to look out for solutions too but some solutions didn’t work and some I didn’t understand

&&& I also found that Data changed block has error too It doesn’t do anything even though my value is stored or appended

and i also found one solution myself but it is risky for my app
The solution is If our database read & write both rules are true and In token if we use “default token/API” instead of using “get id token block and using got token as firebase DB token” then both append and data changed works fine but if I do it then anyone can access my database

Please tell me solutions if anyone know and sorry for my bad English. I hope you understand what is my problem

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