Could anyone please help me how to solve the Firebase error the previous value is empty?

Hi guys, Im trying to build a simple chatting app but when I try to test it through my phone, it keeps saying Firebase error, previous value was empty…

What should I do with it? I uploaded my blocks here! PLEASE HELP ME anyone!
Thank you!

Welcome to the community. Please read the following guide especially the part that explains how to use append list without that error

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This error happens whenever I use the Append component. It is always recommended to use the following block to ignore errors in Firebase. But the value addition doesn’t happen the first time, only the second try. I believe that firebase is busy with some requests and this error happens.

Have you read above guide ?


My application was working perfectly, until I changed some blocks, then this absurd error started. The strange thing is that it doesn’t happen the error when I try the second time. Bearing in mind that the TAG is not empty, I’m just adding value.