FirebaseError | Previous value was empty

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This error happens whenever I use the Append component. It is always recommended to use the following block to ignore errors in Firebase. But the value addition doesn’t happen the first time, only the second try. I believe that firebase is busy with some requests and this error happens.



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As for the “Firebase Error”, the only thing that solved it for me was to call the GET VALUE function before the Append Value. I also use the If Firebase ERROR block, continue without modification

The error in question is :
Previous value was empty

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You don’t understand, my tag already exists, I don’t need to create it again. But every time I start the app to add a value, the first time I click the error happens, but the second time I try it works fine. So I decided to call the GET block and inside that call I use append_Value. It just worked like that for me.

Taking into account that I make two additions in digerent TAGS, only the second one doesn’t work. Before I had a separate firebase component to call the append value , now I just change the bucket project

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