Firebase DB: How to access data // change a screens content without new apk

Good evening,

how do I access data from a Firebase DB?

If I use this block
I can’t put it behind this block

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:
One more question: if I paste the Firebase Token and Project Bucket in another app, can I access the data through both?

Yes why not

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Okay, thanks. I asked because it is not working. I’ll post screenshots soon.

I want the content of one screen (2 Labels and the source a button directs to) to be changed without updating the whole app, export it and every user needs to update.

I thought I put text boxes in another app and a button. When user clicks the button, the text boxes update the firebase DB. In the app on Screen.Initialize it updates the content from the firebase DB

This my second app to edit database:

Btw do I need the “call DB.Get Value” block if I only want to write, not to read it?

And this is the screen in my primary app that should update:
Since DB3 contains WebView source I try to access it the same way on another screen. But neither
on this screen nor on that it works.

Or is there a better way to allow changing a screens content without new apk in future?

Thanks for your ideas!

P. S. I moved that topic to a new post because it’s a new question and easier than for others with the same problem to find it. It can be found here: Firebase DB: How to access data // change a screens content without new apk

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