Firebase DB to Tiny DB

I make a database in Firebase. Now I want to download this database in phone’s Tiny DB for offline use.

For getting value from Firebase DB need internet but I want to first download in tiny db on screen initialize for getting value from tiny db without internet.

What have you done till now?
Show what you have tried from your side.

Simply make database on Firebase

I mean first show what you have tried.

I dont try anything , actually I dont understand how to store data from firebase to tiny DB

Tiny DB is Non-readable storage.

What do you mean ?

Are you sure?
You can read and write tiny db data.

Mean to say, you can’t read stored data on Tiny DB as Spreadsheet or Firebase.

No this is not true at all.
You can transfer data between these databases.

Looks like that could be a new addition to my library! :blush: Don’t aware of it.

Currently It’s Not Possible With Kodular With Firebase List But You Can Do It With Logic


Okk I will try with this type logic

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