Firebase error for non us server location


For a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication

I have read all posts related to above error, and I know solution as well.

But all topics are closed, so no chance there to discuss.

My question to developer of Kodular,
Why app should depend on location of firebase server??
I see number of posts for more than 4years reported but even in 2024 issues not fixed.

Please don’t take it wrong, i mean we should develop a software that should not depend on location of database server.

I totally get your point. It’s strange that apps still depend on where the Firebase server is, even after all these years.

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The Database Location is Usefull for us to retreive information faster and have less entanglement/interference. Calling data from a location away from you takes it a little longer, than it take for a server near you

Did anybody report this as bug?