Firebase How to Check if a Username already exists in bucket projecket?

CHECK IF project bucket already exist or now before registration ?

In two ways you can achieve this…

In way no.1, calling all the tags and checking

In way no.2, calling concern username tags alone.
If name exists result won’t be null , if not exists you will get reply as null.

Way no.2

Way no.1

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Thanks Too Much Its working Now but if i want add email check with project bucket plz till me the way thanks

simple, just add the block, get firebase tag (email)

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not working plz support me thanks send code pic

i need check all email on fire base not working plz support me thanks send code pic

now it is working but this right way and thanks for your support

see, if the response content = null mean, such user id is not exist

if such name exists means you will have the details under the user name as json…

Just test the methods with two cases and print the response content in a label or any component and interpret the data… If it fits mean then fix it… Congrats.

what i suggest is, if you add the block with get firebase value tag (email), then in the when firebase got value only you need to add the remaining blocks and can confirm the work flow from that blocks only… if the value is = email text then he is using same email, if it not he can pick that mail…/

if i put any value in email field always request from me other email and this email not exist on firebase plz help itis working on username but not working in email support plz

show your firebase structure

I think this maybe the best way

Can this make the app to crash if not this will be the simple and easy way

this my fire base

change the Email into email,

same not working

Please , check ALL blocks …
the solution was given in the post above.:point_up:

i checked many times

but email enter same

No, I designed it for different approach but you are looking into different approach…wait

try this,


above code work well for me


it is working thanks very much
if i want make condition on email must be real email not fake email

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