How to check project bucket already available In firebase DB

I need to check Project bucket is available or not in the firebase Database After A Button click

Button Name = Sign
Value to check = textbox value

Appreciate any explanation.

This way you will lose your bandwidth quickly

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Can you please post any block image or example?

Your block almost correct, adjust slightly in the else block. Just remove the if

I Will Try Thanks :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How to execute this block after clicking a button?

Then do not use firebase get tag list block on screen initialise.

On button click call the firebase tag list block but add one if condition, if the user text is not empty call firebase tag list else alert user to fill the text box

I use this it’s easy and simple and dose not eat much of your bandwidth.

I Will Try Thanks! :heart_eyes::blush:


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