Firebase list got value

How can I print data as a list?
Can you help me?

It is a list already right? Just get the value in each tag. If you want the seperate lists to be appended to each other just get the tag value for each of the ‘item1,2,3’ and add them to a list.

Did you search in community? There are plenty of suggestions are there

Ref here, if not

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I want to print like this.

I want to print to label not listview

after getting list value use dynamic componet extension to print like that…

Dynamic component in VSA , component I is label and II is Thick line using any one arrangement

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how to block

A simple approach with listview and using web component to retrieve data from firebase
list_firebase.aia (3.9 KB)

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Thank you so much. grateful

But how do we write without using simple listwiev data is constantly updated

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Database changes when you hit the button ? If yes just add those blocks and list view will update once button clicked

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So how to write a value to text for label with firebase block?

Do you want to show specific value from firebase to a label ? I feel that you do not know how to work with firebase so have a look at below posts or search community for examples, there are plenty. Also if problem solved for specific topic mark solution

If you want it in one label just use < br > (without spaces) to create a new line for each item and set the html format to true

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