Firebase message

Hello friends I want to creat an app which is contain of button and wen users. Click on the button they should get msg which is set my me and mobile numbers will be by default set by me is it posable with firebase

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Please use google translate. I am unable to get you…

When I click on button I would like to send a msg with firebase is it possible

Message you can send in app. Yes possible.

I would like to send normal message

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Normal message. You wanna send messages on mobile number?

Yes how can I do

Not possible to send normal messages on mobile number using firebase. For that use sms2sms site…

Is it possiable to send to gmail?

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use extension. Email Smtp to send mail. You can send mail directly from app…

Can to pls explain how to set up

Ok Thank you for information… Thank you so much…

Use this extension to send to gmail,

Thank you for yr information

How can we we send msg with way2sms

Check this video tutorial

I think he is trying to send message programatically which is not possible with this extension it needs user interaction.

This might help


Ok i got that, then he must needs to use way2sms or fast2sms, they can send sms to user and easily configuration by Api

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How to do ?

Video is given above for tutorial