Firebase sign in with google failed

My blocks

and the google-services is correct
what to do?

Have You Gave SHA Keys In Firebase

If No Follow This Steps

Open Play Console

Go to App Signing Key

Copy SHA 256 & 1 key

Open Firebase

Go to Your App

Input your SAH Keys

If Yes


Are you using companion, Authentication Dont Work In Companion

I build

This happens only after I install the app from google play, if from Kodular it is working… only from google play not. what to do with that?

This will help you to use Firebase Authentication

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  1. Goto your Google play console
  2. Goto App signing
  3. Copy SHA1 key
  4. Add it to firebase in project settings.

Read it again

Which option did you use (for the Play Store)?


I have Edited My Post Check It again

I had This Problem Before But I Solved By

Search In community Playstore Firebase

Or Click this

Community Search

Just do as I said.

I am sure, this will work.

Your app is signed by Google play when you publish it. When you install it from play store then login fails because the signing key is not registered in firebase. So, first register it in firebase.


Same Thing I have Also suggested

Thanks I did serach and put also the key from play store

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