Firebase Storage causes error when compiling the APK

Hello Kodular Team, can you fix this as soon as possible? I have tried to configure everything from my end but it looks that only this component Firebase Storage cause the APK to not be compled
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This is the View Log I get

I will appreciate your advanced help

This has been asked many times and has multiple reasons for the same . Try to search Firebase config file error in the community

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Wow, I solved it with these few simple steps

Probable they can work for you too

I Clicked Account

Then Settings

Then Coped the Keystore SHA1:

Then Pasted inside Certificate fingerprint

Then Clicked save

Then I downloaded google-service.json

Then I went back to my Assets and deleted the old google.service.json and uploaded the new one then everything was solved from there.

See the steps by images here
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Step 1 image
Step 2

Step 3

Then I deleted this old google.service.json and uploaded again the new one which I downloaded

Thank you all community

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