FireBase Storage - No acces + unknow error occured

I struggle with FireBase Storage component. There’s no good guide for it, i was trying to search for similiar problems…

  1. I created FireBase account, added my app with the same package name.
  2. I downloaded google-service.json and uploaded it to assests.
  3. I created storage at firebase controlpanel, and set rules to:
  4. I uploaded a file.
  5. Block configuation:

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Message: User does not have permission to acces this object.
    This block returns the same fail message… It looks like my app is not even connected to firebase storage.

I need a guidance or someone who can show me what i do wrong.

Firebase rules error.

Edit your firebase rules like this:


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Thanks for answer. That’s not the solution - I tried it. And I found this in documentation of FireBase:

Is there any way to check if connection between app and storage is okay?

Is it normal? Does it work for companion?

I found the solution. File Storage doesn’t work on companion. GetBucket component gets wrong argument. Files can be only downloaded to application specific directory (I think there’s a bug with external storage permission), otherwise the component returns: An unknown error occurred. It can be easily accomplished with taifun file extension -> applicationspecificdirectory component!

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