Is it possible to make firebase storage work with companion?

I want to start synchronize my app with firebase, but it’s hard to test it without debug mode which companion provides. I spotted wrong bucket while using companion? Wouldn’t set bucket function make it works?


There isn’t set bucket property in firebase storage, the component takes it from your google-services.json you upload, but i suggest you to use this extension:

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It seems like the extension doesn’t support getting files from subdirectories.

Ye, i know there’s no bucket property, that’s why firebase storage component doesn’t work on companion, but thanks for the answer!

For me it’s working , just use the get file method, and set the file name : directoryName/fileName

It gives "Invalid HTTP method/URL pair.

I tried many times. File in main bucket works: file.txt. But directory/file.txt doesn’t work.

Firebase does not accept sending only the file with the empty name, or just the name. the entries cannot be empty.