Firebase TagList Not Working

I am trying to check my firebase Database tag is Already available or not

blocks (6)

blocks (5)

Firebase Database :


It returns all tags

2UserMax Number TestUser Like this

But If Function doesn’t work it always return ;

"Welcome New user"

Use this block


Instead of


Try this :point_down:



Rather then using ( index in list ) use ( is in list ) block

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Tell me, 2usermax tag is static or for every new user you will create this tag?

If it is static then why do you need to check it?
For every user this tag will change, i mean checking for already present ir not mean, we will suggest you another method there by you can reduce your fb tarrif to some extent

Thank You Very Much

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Thank You Very Much !!

no its just a example i always change bucket name

I hope your free bandwidth will go faster if you call Every time if u call firebase tag list

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