Firebase with multiple tags and bucket

I followed this guild [ Firebase Guide - Getting Data From Multiple Tags and Bucket ] to deal with Firebase with multiple tags and bucket but I want to know why this value is returning the last value in the bucket


- vs
  - match1
      - team1 : "France"
      - team2 : "England"
      - time : "9 PM"

  - match2
      - team1 : "Egypt"
      - team2 : "Morocc"
      - time : "9 PM"

  - match3
      - team1 : "England"
      - team2 : "Spin"
      - time : "9 PM"

If you use list by walking key path block then you will get lal the team 2 names as list else it get key value will return the last value

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can you explain this line

Not an issue. Before that please confirm me, Do you want to get all the tams2 name as a list in a label?

yeah, to confirm it in dynamic text view for example

see How did i retrieved


while printing time the values in a component just use replace block to remove the "

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thanks i will test it

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it is not work @Still-learning

I think because you can’t set Vs as Tag

Which mean you have made mistake somewhere else. Clear the project bucket of fb from the designer part and try

Here Vs act as project bucket. I called directly the bucket. I just copied down your fb structure that’s all and it worked well for me

is correct to set Vs as tag ?

I think tags is Match1, Match2, Match3, …

No issue… i repeat here Vs is not a tag, it act as bucket, even match 1,2,3 and all act all bucket. But team1,2 and time only tags

Only single digit and special characters should not be used in bucket or tag

Pls ref my fb structure and my blocks

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Make sure your fb url is end with .com/ and no bucket in designer part

There you are … Please remove the project bucket from screen initialise. Keep only fb url and test

Here we are calling the bucket as fb tag inorder to avoid multiple way calling which will reduce the traffic or your free limit. Simple approach but with greater result with less blocks

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still not work

If you don’t mind can you send me your demo aia here or in pm . No chance for not getting the result.

Did you set any rules for Read and write?


that is mean it is not return any thing …