First like badge needs the new button image

I know that @Peter was kinda confused about all the #off-topic topics, but I hope this one is not a bad one in his mind… :grimacing:

I wanted to suggest to change this image

heart :heart: to the normal like :+1: button that is now common and was changed. Anyone disagree?


Thx, @vknow360

The same thing really :crazy_face:

It’s because on the normal discourse the like button is a heart, and Kodular Community uses a plugin to change it to a thumbs up.

No, its should be in feedback, shouldn’t it?

EDIT: You were faster, @vknow360 :rofl:


It is (thanks to @vknow360 :smile: )

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Wait for Staff’s response before closing #feedback topics :innocent:

I mean we can’t say that your suggestion will be implemented or not so we will have to wait for response from them.

Fixed :+1:

Thx! very nice!

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