[First time] Vocals remover App (Vowel)

On this lovely day, I present my new app.
I called this app “Vowel”,

this topic is integrated into this topic but the app name is different:

this app can separate vocals :studio_microphone: and music :musical_score: from audio files and from youtube audio
this is the first app to do this process that was created with tools like “kodular or Mit_App_inventor or Android builder” ever.

this app can:

  • separate any vocals and music for any Mp3 file
  • deal with youtube video too it converts youtube video to audio and set the separation process.

upcoming features

  • deal with vimeo videos
  • Extract all sounds in the Mp3 like (drums, noise,vocals, and other sounds)


This app doesn’t use any api services
I only used a method by my way using a JavaScript language to add this process
In the app
If you want the method you can PM me to buy the aia file



you can try it via this URL : Apk for test


you can check this PayPal link that you can buy the app through,
And after you finish the payment the file will be downloaded automatically to your device




Congratulations, seems to be a great app …

Did you create that method yourself or did you find it somewhere in the internet?


I created the design app but I added a paid API to this app I used javaScript to reset this API
But there is an easier way to create like service and add it to your app and Almost free I preparing this documentation to be more arranged.

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