Fixing Issues with Recycler List View Extension: Search Results and Screen Transition Crashes

I am using the Recyler List View Extension. My first problem is that when I search for something, the first value that comes up is not the one I am looking for. My second problem is that when I try to open another screen with the link value, it crashes. How can I fix it? I provide the AIA below. Please check and give me a solution (fix AIA, please).

Problem :-


Aia :-

TestProject.aia (295.0 KB)

@Still-learning please me boss

@admin help

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Paid or free extension?


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Can someone mention where is my fault. What did I do wrong?

Someone help me. @Still-learning “br oth er” did you find anything?

Have you tried these two methods?

I tried his tutorial:-

Need help…

Same problem.You can use older version of recycler list view extension.Which is 1.0.1

And let me know

@Still-learning can you please tell me where i can get recycler list extension version 1.0.1.
I’ve been facing the same problem anyway

You are right, my app is working fine when I am using Recycler List View Version 1.0.1. Here is the extension :-