How to create list with custom listview

I tried for create empty list with custom listview. Example: 1st line I want to add 4value. Nd 2nd line another 4item value but I can’t…
Clv.aia (181.5 KB)

you want those details in custom list view?

test this

Clv_1.aia (182.5 KB)

Uou shpould not keep tag names in single digit, make it as double digit like 01, 02,03 and try


i m fcing more error cn u check pls

lol, cn u give me sulotion for this aia file,
Dynamic listview.aia (56.6 KB)

your logic is not seems to be good to me. Also i am in hurry to go hospital/ Later if possible i will change the logic. Meanwhile some one could help you, pls update your logic

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If i change my logic then i want to show firebase value of 3 list in dynamic listview labels.
Nw ok.?

Test (3).aia (327.9 KB)
I want to create recycling listview like this aia file design and fetch data from firebase to recycling listview
Please edit or solve my aia file issues
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Are u online.?

Yes right now.

I dont think you need the recycle extension for this… Recycler can be used whenever you have large amount of data else app fell laggs while constructing dynamic components/layouts.

Suppose I want to run 500+ cardview in app then?
thtas why i need to run with recylingview aix

Please help me!!! @Still-learning

Please stop spamming and tag users

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No issue to help you . See, in previous post itself I have suggest you not to use single digit as fb tag also suggested how to convert the single digit to double in demo aia. If possible just change it in your dB then let we fix it. Also in your aia, there is no expecting layout. Then how do can I suggest man?

Do you mean like this?
sample of fb structure

recycler view

This Design is not bad:’ but can you adjust label place like as this picture design!

You mean text 1 left of HA1 and text two in Right side of HA1 and so on…

In card view
Example: Name1 Name2
Space… Name3 Name4

Pls test this… I have used almost reduced blocks without causing error

Test_1.aia (330.1 KB)


thnks you so much, im CHecking