Focus-redefine yourself V 3.0

I am gladly like to show my 1st app

Focus - " Redefine Yourself "
Please check out my app
here some screenshot

Make your Own journey set goals and achieve them.
Relax and stress-free music.
Breathing Exercise to feel refresh.
Hydrate feature ( work in progress ).

Download link:- V 3.0
Added Animation and
Redesign music section and make it fully offline
New Music added

Thank you @Vaibhav for finding bugs and issues

Thank you ARE Tech from YT for the design & UI
channel link:

Extension I use

CIRCULAR PROGRESS EXTENSION PREVIEW :- Circular Progress Extension (Preview)

DateTools :- DateTools : Some tools to work with date and time

Custom Dailog :- [Free] CustomDialog. My 10th extension

Really thankful for providing those extension free.


Great UI @mukeshsharma_3122000 .

I changed your topic category to #koded

Thank you
I am new so I am not familiar

Wow Great Ui

Nice app. A small error that I came across while the short usage :point_down:

  1. When no time is set convey, the proper feedback. Currently it seems confusing :point_down:

  1. When keyboard is opened the user unable to see the times input being entered
    Also why the timer starts from in between when I cance it from in-between and stat it with 0 value? :point_down:

  1. When keyboard is opened and if we press the in-app back button, the keyboard remains open :point_down:

Thanks you :hugs: in next update I fix all

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