Font Awesome 5 Icon

Hello Users,
How I can import Font Awesome 5 Solid Icon. I have tried but failed to import then I search community and YouTube but didn’t get solution.
Font Awesome 4 icon is working fine.

But now font awesome 5 is available by default in kodular…

@nikzdreamer2001, I think you don’t understand my question. I wants to add font awesome 5 icon to my app as we add font awesome icons.

To use font awesome icon
Enable html and use &#Your_Code;

I know that but the problem is icon not showing.

Which font is causing the problem ?

far fa-clipboard or f328

Tested on companion and it shows the icon



This method should solve the problem.

You need to type &#xfontawesomecode; . You need &#x before the code and ; after the code.

For ex: &#x f328 ; without anyspace :


Actually it is &#xfont_code; you forgot the x


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