Force close another app

Hi, I want to force close an app for example “whatsapp” from my app. I want to know if this es possible.

If not possible, i want open the settings screen of the app, for force close manually. I have read this is possible with “Activity Starter”, but i tried with different parameters and don’t work. I need to know the parameters (Action, Activity Package, Activity Class).

I appreciate your help and time in advance. And sorry for my bad english.

Activity starter may help, you may get all parameters easily. There are several apps on play store from which you can see the activity name etc, try them :+1:

this might be possible using the Shell extension by @juananton1991


I try to use killall command, but nothing happens. I need to be rooted to works?

You asked the same question in MIT’s App Inventor community. Please don’t spam communities

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