Force closed app, is it a bug in Fenix?

I have 2 simples projects with 3 screens each, all using the block ‘open another screen’ to switch screens. Now all those projects crash on the Fenix version. Always force closed apps. With the same block, the project went perfectly on Eagle. If this is a bug on Fenix, please fix it :sob:

Post your apk to check it may be an extension which is leading to crash !!
You can post the list of extension used in your project !!


to find out why you get a runtime error, you might want to use Logcat…


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I thought it was an update bug, but after checking it I found that one of the lottiefiles assets had a problem loading. That triggers my app to force closed. Problems solved. Thanks for the advice guys

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That tricks helped me find errors in my project. Thank mate :ok_hand:

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