Found a workaround to use custom font in 'List view Image and Text'. Will it affect the apk?

I found a workaround to use custom font in ‘List view Image and Text’. But I would like to know if it will affect the apk or not? or is it against googleplay guidelines (cause in this method the font name is fake) ?

What I did was:

  1. Choose a default font for the list view (a font which you dont want in your MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf ).
  2. Export the apk
  3. Download android multi tool or apktool (apktool didn’t work for me)
  4. Decompile the apk
  5. rename the custom font you want to 'MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf ’ & replace the font in assets folder with this font.
  6. Compile the apk
  7. Sign the apk.

Your reply would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


That is very clever. I don’t see why it would be an issue, provided you are signing with the same keystore and package name credentials you need for publishing.

I am curious how it works out for you.


This process is new to me. That got me confused. There’s one more problem: the list view image is missing. I will have to find a fix for it. I think its because of the font used. The custom font is a bold font & the default one was regular (with the Title=bold option enabled)

Your app may has multiple Material Icons font reference, so it may replace almost all fonts in your app.

If you didn’t use a font which requires license, or copyright, then it is not forbidden. So you can use Roboto, Material Icons etc. freely.

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I did use material icons but I manually uploaded them in assets. :slight_smile: