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I don’t understand… you might want to elaborate…

you can call synchronous procedures


I found one possible way to manipulate UI with non UI thread. Make calculations on non-UI thread, fetch values to temporary variable, send them to .CallFinishedWithResult via result and make the UI operations in .CALLFInishedWithResult block. No errors and it works. But user must wait for every value until async procedure is finished. I work on 10000+ blocks, and want to make blocks simple and easy to read and understand.

I want to know if is there any easier way to manipulate UI in ASYNC procedure without using global variables.

It looks like kodular engine remembers last used thread which was working on a component. That’s why calling async procedure twice doesn’t give the error at the second time and so on. If component is used by user (text input) or any other kodular activity except async procedure the cycle renew.


I am also facing this error :joy:

The download link appears to be broken. All I get is a blank screen.

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it looks like you have overseen post #61


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Thanks Taifun! I totally missed that post.

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@Abhijith_Dominic doesn’t this work with dynamic component extension?

You don’t need this because Dynamic Components already has it.

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I’ve tested the async of dynamic comp, it doesn’t show any better result, still the ui freeze while the procedure runs.

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And you think this extension will help, how? This extension is supposed to help with NOT changing the UI, although there is a post that shows you can modify the UI on a Non-UI thread, it is unsafe.

Can this extension help me in delaying load of images. I have 250+ images in my app and I want to delay their load. else my app take 7-8 secs to load.

I am using dynamic component extension, and have tried several extension, none worked! what shall I do? I have been trying to fix this since more than a week!

No this can’t help you, because this is just a AsynchronousProcedure Caller.

I am using using procedure in my method.
and I have images that load in procedure.

It runs call procedure in some delay interval.

Like you have 2 procedure
1st image
2nd title

you called 1st image procedure by the extension after some delay when Screen.Initialize, And when the 1st procedure called, now you need to call 2nd one with some delay to give some rest to your app from lag or hang the functions.


I am using dynamic components extension and want to load components in async.
I tried using this extension but got an error.
I understand many others are getting the error as well. Can anyone share a working aia so that it gets easier for all of us in using this component.

Also how different is this extension from the method of loading components from clock method.

Thanks in advance.


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hello is the extension still available? the link is not working, thanks

You will find it in post 58.

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