[Free] [Beta] Simple Chart Extension v2


Hello there! Today I am publishing my third extension Simple Chart Extension.


  • Can Create Bar Graph.
  • Can Create Pie Chart.
  • Can Create Line Graph.



Blocks Description
BarChart Creates bar graph in given arrangement with given list of x and y axis points.
LineChart Creates line graph in given arrangement with given list of x and y axis points.
PieChart Creates a pie chart with given list of values and value names.
ClearAllCharts Removes all created charts in an Arrangement.


Example Block

Whats New

  • Now you can use custom colors!
  • Now you can add legends to bar graph.
  • Now you can change font size.
  • Now you can create pie chart by setting drawCentreHole to false.
  • Added method to remove graph.


ChartTest.aia (507.0 KB) Version 2


com.henry.SimpleChart.aix (504.2 KB) Version 2

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Congratulations !.
Excelent Job !
Very useful !

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Simple but amazing…
Good work :+1:t2:

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Nice extension :+1:

Excellent job.
Liked it.

A doubt :
Is the color of the caption letters always black?
And why do 2 subtitles have the same colors?

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Ok​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: fine work

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Nice extension :+1:

My suggestion:

Make a LineGraph chart with multiple Lines like this

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Great !
Amazing Extension :cowboy_hat_face:

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Those are the default color of the pie chart, the initial version does not have custom color feature I am currently working on it! and will release it soon thanks for using it!!


Yes!! I am working on it will release a new update soon!

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Super but not able to see preview

The preview is working may be the video is loading slow for you?

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Great extension. Many things are now sorted.

But if possible just add

  1. Title/Description external Font Typeface sypport
  2. Font Size and Color of the text customisation
  3. I have a doubt If the video shown Pie is actually doughnut graph. Rename if possible. The Doughnut hole has a background color. Better if it’s transparent (not a very important thing, still perfection is perfection).

Plus if u have any leisure time add actual pie chart.

And again a Big thanks for upcoming updates.

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Thank you for your feedback I am working on customization for the next update such as font size and color of text .
So that’s doughnut graph :sweat_smile: I will rename it in the new update!!

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thanks, great extension :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wow, Nice extension and very useful.
Keep it up.

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wow!! i dont know how you made it rotatable and resizable
nice work!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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Nice work @Henry_Richard, We proud of you.


Great work @Henry_Richard keep up your good work. :golfing_man:t2: