[FREE] Bottom App Bar - Extension v1- [BETA]

Broke if screen “Scrollable” is check
Screen normal “Scrollable false”

Same screen “Scrollable True” s no data displayed and a top blue bar

also tried setting false and change on runtime, bug again but some pattern differs, this time i see data but botton buttons are vanish

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if we can set it visible false…

Its a good extension …if we can visible false it and if we can adjust the space between the icons and text in the bottom of the icon.

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Do Screen.Scrollable = True

Puff Extension invisible :smile:

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I was just curious, has there been any progress on working also for landscape?
It is a shame so good work to remain less than perfect…
Keep up the good work!

need a property block (especially get property) for Bottom App Bar Height Percent because when using listview with the extension the last item of the list is hidden under BAB.

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if screen “Scrollable” is true then your extension is not useful, is it true??

Yeah, but instead just make a vertical scroll arrangement and below add a hor arr ie bottom app bar and uncheck screen scrollable


Can I pls get the permission to redistribute, (Needed for Hackathon app)

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Welcome @Elsayed_Elhawary the official language of the community is English

Appendix does not work with me in the App Inventer

English: it works inside Kodular only.
Arabic Translatio: الملحق يشتغل على كودُلار فقط.

How can I make icons on both sides of the Fab button?

make please set visible true our false

I just made one of your mentioned designs
See here
Professional bottom navigation like flutter [Jugard]

i can make all of them but one by one

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Are you in the wrong topic?


Once again I have to thank you for this extension, it is a great alternative for me.

The quotes above are some issues that you should definately take into consideration for v2.

I also agree that first quote has a workaround as you say but it may be handy while developing to set screen to scrolable in screen properties and disabling it with blocks on screen initialize.

This has also been an issue for me while trying to use your extension with listviews.
I could add a blank element to the listview so that I do not miss any rows with data but this is only a temporary solution.

I hope that this is something you plan to implement on a future version.

I also noticed that if I check ForceBottomAppBarIcons and I have FAB enabled at center then some of the iconItems added to BAB go behind the FAB. The same happens if FAB is at the end and there are more than 5 iconItems on BAB.

Hope to have helped with some summarization & personal feedback.
Thanks again.


Your Extension Is Great But I am getting Runtime Error On Height which is not customizeable by us.

no update since the first release?

no, I have been very busy, soon I will work on a new version