[FREE] Bottom App Bar - Extension v1- [BETA]

Looking forward to v2…

active inactive color

extension is not working please help!

Welcome. Since this is your first post start with reading this

@salazar6cristopher please check your extension since kodular upgrade to fenix, it seem your extension doesn’t work anymore

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I always end up with “No method named… in class java.lang.Boolean”
Are there any alternatives?

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Is there any chance for a working update on this one ??

Not properly working after latest Kodular Upgrade.

Thank you in advance.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Maybe this might help

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this also error

thank you very much for your error report…
without any doubt the extension developer will be able to fix it soon using your detailed instructions how to elicit the error,… (sarcasm)



This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

As my last post providing a working aix file was flagged, I deleted it.
Not really understood why?
Because I said that the developer has not responded to this thread or my messages??
Well that is the truth!

Anyway, I am posting this to let you know that should anyone need this extension (like I did) then is possible to use Recast and make it working once again.

Thank you.
However this community is not what it used to be once…

Also don’t care if you flag this post also, it is off-topic… lmao

According to communities rules you can post an extension only if your are the developer of that extension. Otherwise you should post a link to developer’s topic or developer’s site

Dora thanks for the clarification, the flagging reason makes sense now.

I believe however that I posted a recasted version of a free extension in the topic that the developer started, only due to lack of support from the developer.
The reason I did it was to help others to use it without having to recast it themselves. Never claimed that the work is mine. IMHO this should not be a rule violation.

Anyway I have already deleted the post,so…

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I understand that you had the good will to help others :slight_smile: You could just have mentioned that the extension in order to be compatible with latest Kodular’s version has to be recasted with Recast tool


This does not work for me:

^ I really hope this video works ^

Pixel 4, android 12 beta (SPB5.210812.002)

download link is not working

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i cann not download the file. Please upload again. Thank you so much!