[Free] ⭕️ Circle Shape

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AIX: me.aemo.circleshape.aix (20.6 KB)

AIA (for AI2): CircleShape.aia (23.9 KB)

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great extension. in fact, it is a circular slider. however, it does not yet have the necessary configuration options. Specifically, this is the possibility of choosing the color of the inner circle (it is now eternally white), choosing the color of the inactive part of the circle. This makes this extension unsuitable for mass use with different scenarios.

Hi there. Thankyou for the extension, its really good and usefull. I’m kinda new on app inventor and need to ask you something, is there anyway to add a button to add 10% on the circle? If yes, could you show me how please? I’ve been trying for good time and im not capble of. It would be an amazing help, Thankyou!!

in this extension, it is not yet possible to force the value to be set without redrawing the circle again. use another Circular Progress extension. however, that extension does not have slider capability (manual circle offset)

Thanks :heart:


That is good suggestion maybe i will try to add it, Now i am busy

I don’t understand if you mean add button on CircleShape extension or add button on screen and when user click add 10℅ on the CircleShape …

Are you tried it?

I didn’t see any other way to set another argument to the circle other than SHOW, and this leads to redrawing. in addition , the slider starts to fail and does not work correctly if you set a different Starting Angle other than 270 degrees