[FREE] Component tools extension

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Amazing extension. Very powerful. Together with your second extension, it offers great opportunities.

I had a little fun with the extension. It is a pity that you cannot unregister a registered component.

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The CustomPath method isn’t working as I thought. It just lets the component jump to the new position instead of moving to it. No matter what value you set as duration.
From your aia:

So this method seems useless as you can also archieve this position-jump via your SetX,Y methods.
Is this a bug? I am using v3.
on Android 7.0.

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Hello @Django_s_Android_App ,
Thanks for reporting this bug, I was able to reproduce it on Android 7 too, it’s should be fixed in the next release, which should be out very soon !
Edit: it’s locally fixed now.


@Mohamed_Tamer I am not able to contact you, can you please send me a message in personal chat?


Is it possible to add a method to unregister a component?

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Yes, it’s possible, it’s actually was one of the new methods of the upcoming update, but it got delayed a bit because I was working on another extension, but this update should be released shortly :smiley:

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waiting next release add duration absolute move x y

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I have seen same problem Like When I use (move vertical ) Block for move scroll Position Is look Good But Problem is in different smartphone that’s not lock good :roll_eyes:

when update?

What about the layout Tools Extension, I am waiting so despirately.
I require full clickable property in Arrangements.

Please make update move x y absolute use interpolate

Can you give me aia

There’s a link in topic for download of .aia and .apk

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Spinner 3 duration not work again after kodular update

Provide aia for guidance

Is this extension compatible with AndroidX ?

When you search for androidx in this thtead there are no reports that it doesn’t work so it is kind of logical that it must work.

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Thanks for the answer, but it’s also possible that I’m the first user who got a runtime error while using this extension. So, I just want to clear my doubts by knowing whether this extension is compatible with AndroidX?

It doesn’t use any Android X related method, so yes. It’s compatible with Android X.

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