[FREE] Custom List View - An Extension for making Image and text list view with a lot of customization

Another good extension from Sumit. Really thank you for your contribution to Kodular. At every stage we are all getting benefit of you and making work simpler… :+1: :+1: :+1: :heart:

(Is there anyway to shffle the list items upon clicking a button with this extension?)

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Sumit? :sweat_smile:

There is no direct way to shuffle items. However, There are blocks to move and update item. You can easily shuffle the items with the help of them.

I am confused why people still downloading older version when new version is better. :neutral_face:


Hi everyone
I was using Colin Tree list view extension before this, but in my application I have to show many users and my phone hangs when I load a lot of data in Colin tree, But when I get to know that @Sumit1334 has made a fantastic extension then I tired to use it. I found a lot of advantages in this

  1. Loading Image in couple of seconds

  2. Working very smoothly in low to low end device

  3. Cropping image to circle

And to be frank I tired to make a list of 3000 users to check this extension’s working. And I was shocked to see that in a second all 3000 users were loaded
I really thanx @Sumit1334 for making this kind of great extension.


I can’t get it to display my images in the list. Can you show me how?

Here’s my blocks and sample aia…

testListViewExt01.aia (277.3 KB)


If you have a list with images, where you had put folder.jpg you have put the list of images. Try it.

Sorry I don’t quite understand. So under image it should be a list?

To display the images from assets or storage you must use image utility component on LoadImage event. Uncheck the LoadImage property and then use LoadImage event as example posted above with image utility component. Give the file name(if present in assets) or file path(if in storage) to image utility component.


Okay, thank you I will try it out.

Sumit your extension is awesome:star_struck:

I would like to suggest you a feature: with your extension we can swipe the items left or right and this is great, but how can we know if users know that they can do it? I mean, you can implement an animation that swipe an item a little and then it returns in normal position, so users realize it.

Ask me any questions if I haven’t explain well…:sweat_smile:

As far I understand, you want feature or blocks that can swipe the item in both directions with any given offset or can return to original position also.
Correct me if I am wrong.

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Exactly what I mean:+1:
I think it could be useful

It’s so cool
Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, please give me a solution

Welcome to the community. In order to get help from the developer please provide more info about your problem or a screenshot of your blocks

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Please elaborate your issue. What output you are getting with these blocks and what do you want to achieve? Post it here.


I want to display the listview … when I Click button 1 it comes out an error occurs

what about revealing the error message you get?
please read this



Hello everyone ! Thanks for this extension, it’s great!

However, I have a problem displaying images. I have a list of 5 images, and for each item in the list, if you click on the image you can choose from the 5 images. And by clicking on the image, I would like the avatar of the clicked element to update.

But I can not. could you help me please?

Here are my blocks for my images:



Thanks !!

Hi @plumedours
May you please translate your blocks to English language? I could not understand your blocks. As far I understand, When list image is clicked then you show 5 images and when user will click one of them then you want to update the image of list with the clicked image’s picture. You can use UpdateImage block for this.

Also, it seems that extension is not working to load images from assets or path. Version 3 of extension will soon released with some new blocks and these bugs will be fixed in that update. Then you won’t need to use Image Utility component for loading images from assets.

My exams has been finished. Now I can focus again here. :smiley:


Oh, sorry @Sumit1334 , I forgot to do this before uploading my png blocks! There it’s done :



If I use a direct url to display the image, can it work? Rather than using the assets?