[FREE] Dynamic Recyclerview (Create beautiful ListViews - GridViews, ChipGroups)

Hello everyone! I want to share with you this extension!

[FREE] Dynamic Recyclerview (Create beautiful ListViews - GridViews, ChipGroups, Drag and Drop, Carousels, Pagination, Parallax AppBar)

It is an extension that implements the RecyclerView simply and quickly. It implements many features to be able to create visibly fascinating renderings. Secondary extensions have also been developed to add even more features.

DynamicRecycler is a component that allows rendering large amounts of data efficiently and focusing on the performance of the application. It allows the developer to have control over every aspect of the component. The extension is designed to be easy to understand and use.


  • Supports any dynamic components extension. Some of them:
  • Supports dynamic components - schemas.
  • Provides control over scrolling within the component.
  • It allows the integration of mechanisms to create renderings with various types of design, such as in a chat.
  • Component creation is done by the developer, that way any component can be integrated.
  • Ability to be able to render the component in various ways (as a list view, as a grid view, as a group of chip views).
  • Features to improve performance.
  • Ability to integrate with other extensions that offer to improve functionality or add new features. Secondary extensions have been designed and created that the developer will only use if required.
  • Allows to implement a component to display when there is no data in the component.
  • Secondary Extensions

    • Secondary extension that facilitates and provides the creation of an application bar with parallax effect integrated with the recycler component.
    • Secondary extension that allows the component to be rendered as a chipgroup.
    • Secondary extension that allows paging effects like a ViewPager.
    • Secondary extension to create animations, easy to handle and with the possibility of customizing them.
    • Secondary extension to add swipe actions and drag and drop items.


What can be created with dynamic Recycler?

Design beautiful layouts to render lists, create various types of layout, be able to integrate the component with other extensions to achieve even more fascinating functionalities.
The images below are just a few examples of implementations using the extension and child extensions. Developers who purchase the extension will be able to access the .aia files.



Parallax Effect with AppBar

Performing parallax effect with toolbars is very simple to implement, there is a module extension that takes care of most of the work.
This project uses Schemas ([F/OS] - Dynamic Components) to build the components.

InfiniteLoading with Animations


Fast and Beautiful Carousel

This project focuses mainly on creating image sliders and carousels.


This project demonstrates the power of the extension to manage different types of views as required by a chat.

Swipe Actions, Drag and Drop, move items

Implementing touch actions is pretty straightforward. Although it seems like a difficult job to achieve, there is a module that helps to implement this feature quickly.

More examples of viewTypes


…The reason you are here :laughing:

com.tedusoft.chipslayoutmanager.aix (154.6 KB)
com.tedusoft.recyclerview.aix (546.9 KB)
com.tedusoft.dynamic.dynamics.aix (35.8 KB)
com.tedusoft.imageloader.aix (164.1 KB)
com.tedusoft.headerparallax.aix (17.3 KB)
com.tedusoft.recycleranimations.aix (19.2 KB)
com.tedusoft.snap.aix (16.9 KB)
com.tedusoft.touchhelper.aix (28.7 KB)


Full documentation and guidance are in a public gitbook.


Which library you used ?

Simply amazing, worth it to buy :+1:

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Demo Videos can be found in this link:


Hi all Guys,

Keep up your very nice work, dear @salazar6cristopher.
I bought and tried the extension successfully.

Now, i just wanna have a sample code to change color of a part of text in dynamic label.
Would you like to help, please ?

Can this extension and your [Fancy RecyclerView Extension + ViewPager Effect] extensions be used in the same project?
Project is not getting compiled while I am using both of them in the same project .It seems that there are some conflict.
Please guide

Documentation site is online again!

Hello Everyone! I have decided to publish this extension for free, I hope all of you can enjoy it!


Nice work, but if all things contains in 1 extension so its perfetct…

Did anyone tried this extension ? what should we use in with block ?

Please share aia file with us of this extension

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Yes.Please share wtih us

aia file link What can be given?

Please share the aia file.

After testing few hours able to use this extension ,
Here is sample project file enjoy !

RecyclerView.aia (629.2 KB)

The aia file return error

Runtime Error
The operation Create cannot accept the arguments: , [test], [false]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Maybe because project is created on ai2 ,
so u can test it on ai2,

Goto project properties tick/untick rtl support ,set theme to defualt , and set minimum sdk and try

delete that project from builder and try this
RecyclerView (1).aia (630.4 KB)

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Hey would you please make like this?

i dont understand . please give me block sample