[FREE] Flip Countdown Extension

Short description

Flip Countdown Extension is my first ever extension. It is made by using some JavaScript in it and working through web viewer. It is in beta version at the moment. so may not work properly sometimes.

Demo Video

Pictures of all the blocks & real demo

Instructions to use your extension

It simply work in web viewer. You just need to pass the parameters like days, hours, minutes & seconds.

Use any value as -1 (minus one) to hide itself and above values
For example 1: If you want to hide days, then type -1 in days
For example 2: If you want to hide days & hours, then type -1 in hours only
For example 3: If you want to hide days, hours & minutes, then type -1 in minutes only

Things not to do
Do not exceed more than 30 days

Click the link below for live demo

Download AIA & AIX
FlipCounterExtentionDemo.aia (41.6 KB)

in.devcafe.FlipCounter.aix (7.1 KB)


Extension looking cool.

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Great beginning. Keep it up


Great extension brather :heart_eyes:

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Thanks :ok_hand:

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How to use as timer

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Great and very helpful extension :+1:


Nice :+1: , Keep :kodular:oding

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Just pass the parameters in days, hours, minutes & seconds. the date/time must be future values. Check the simple aia above in desc.

For another example, if u fetching your timer from database in milliseconds format then u can use another countdown extension made by @lukegackle’s to get left time and then split timer into days, hours whatever u want. then provide those parameters in this countdown timer.

Check the block image below. I hope this will help


Really very coooool

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Pixel 2XL, Android 11:

:thinking: Did you export and then tested in Pixel phone?

Companion. I have to set the VA2 (from 100px) to at least 125px:


may have a problem while testing in companion.
and did this get fix when you changed height 100px to 125px ?

Yes, and with 100px I get this on a Galaxy Note8:

With 125px it’s ok.

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Oh Okay, thnx.
I just used 100px for nothing. because when i was designing app in kodular, web viewer was covering up like hiding inside VA2. so i gave 100px. you may use automatic height as well, I guess.
Well, thank you so much for giving your precious time to check my AIAs and let me know the bugs. :+1:

Of course, “automatically” works in every case, but then the entire width of the screen is used. The WebViewer must have at least the following values so that (if everything should be displayed: days, hours, …):


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Nice Extension :+1:

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Countdown without extension, also need WebViewer