[FREE] Image List View Extension - A Fully Customizable List View

list Image List View

Introducing image list view which is similar to inbuilt list view but with more customization and additional features.

All Blocks:

Designer Properties

Explanation and Usage:

Initializes the list view in an arrangement like vertical arrangement. First initialize the list view before creating list view.

Add a single list item with title, sub title and image. You can also use loop the add multiple items to the list.

Set the list items at a time from the list of titles, subtitles and images.

Removes the list items at specified index.

Update the list item at specified index.

Smooth scroll to the specified position, here position is index.

Clears the list view

Filters the list with keyword and case sensitivity control.

Returns the currently set list of titles, subtitles and images.

Returns the selected title, subtitle, image and index.

Note: Index starts from 1

Set the padding of list view item, title, subtitle and image.
Set the padding as string of comma separated integers which represent padding as LEFT, TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM

Other setter properties are self explanatory.



V1. com.thekstudio.ImageListView.aix (32.6 KB)


Great work. Will surely try this. Can you add some more features like.

  1. Circle icons
  2. Making image bigger like the custom list view extension developed by the person who’s name is forbidden in this community(deep…)
  3. Library you have used
  4. Any plans to make it open source with copyleft license.
    Thanks again for your contribution.
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Will try this.

No external library is used.

As of now no, I will continue developing it. In future may be.

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@The_K_Studio again a Great Extension …
Very Well Done :white_check_mark:


Great Extension @The_K_Studio :relieved:

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Image not showing

Show your blocks and what is the source of your image, if you are showing image from assets then it will not show in companion.