[FREE] MightySecurity Extension

Hey, This is my second Extension :slightly_smiling_face:
Special Thanks To @help_cttricks for helping me out.


MightySecurity is a free extension to securely encrypt/decrypt online your api/token/url/database anything.


Blocks and Uses

Encrypt This block will encrypt your data with your own key.

Decrypt This block will decrypt your data with your own key.

Encrypted Event
Code= ResponseCode
Status= true or false
Data= This block will return your data in encrypted.

Decrypted Event
Code= ResponseCode
Status= true or false
Data= This block will return your actual data if the key is correct


Aix- com.hemanta_dahal.MightySecurity.aix (13.1 KB)
Apk- Online_Encrypt_Decrypt.apk (5.2 MB)
Aia- Online_Encrypt_Decrypt.aia (14.0 KB)

This is not same as my previous extension​:wink:

my [FREE] Unlock Key Extension available offline its work without internet if u wish to use it on your offline app…u can but if you’re using internet any api/url Database than use the new one
Its more powerful and secured


Nice work! But is it the same as your previous extension?

No it’s different in this extension m doing this online also the codes are not same

But is it the same URL? Like the same service.

No no it’s not try it…the code, method, all are different

  1. Why? So you have the ability to track what we enter/type into the block parameters. This is a big privacy issue, isn’t it?

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice to explain where our data goes to? I mean why we should share our API Tokens with someone else on the community?


1st off all we are not storing any api/data/url anything and also its need internet bcz all function work from php file extension just convert it… that’s why m tell that its need internet connection to work…i think now it’s clear

No m not as m said we are not storing any api data url anything so we not ability to track what you enter.

Same question on my mind also.

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I think it’s clear now?? Its it?

What’s the value of key ?
Can you add documentation of extension ?
What we have to add values to encrypt as well as decrypt ?
By the way, great extension :clap:

Thnak you :heart:

hey i already explain it also provided the apk file if u need aia file i can also post here if u wants than

Now I understand.
Great work and extension.

thank you waiting for your feedback :innocent:

show the AIA please

check the post again

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So its same as online encryption method.
There is more chances of third person to hack php script and even get value from api before reaching to server

And you need to open source php script or anything because if anybody wants to see that you are storing data or not

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If i make it open source than its doesn’t called encrypted or any security bcz the main function was on my php so i can’t share that

See, never use any product or service if you dont trust the provider.

You should always trust the provider if you wish to use the service

In this case, as i m said, that we are not creating a log of the data so you are very safe.