Free Music App Template


I was planning on making a paid aia but decided to make the first version free to get some feedback on it. Tell me what you think!


Music.aia (13.7 KB)
Music.apk (5.1 MB)


  1. Add AIA file to kodular
  2. Open blocks tab
  3. Update the 7 global variables on the top to customize app to your needs.

First friend, thank you very much for sharing your template, I have a question, with what format do I have to create the .txt so that it can work, I have the txt uploaded to my drive, but it doesn’t work, can you help me? Thanks in advance

I am looking back on this now, I did make that .txt confusing. The way the setup txt file is layed out like this:

Song Title|Song Author|Song File.mp3~ and that just repeats. The last song doesn’t have the ~ at the end. You can find the example at Music/songs.txt at master · Ryan-H-Apps/Music · GitHub

The song path can be local or online. Just keep in mind if it is online, the user needs to have an internet connection to listen. Also make sure you have the appropriate rights to whatever songs you choose to use.

Looking back on this again, with drive, you will need to have it so anyone can access it with the link. You will also need to make sure that you have it linked you that all the app accesses is the .txt file itself, not all the extra stuff that google has when sharing a file.

Friend, it has worked for me, thank you very much, best regards.