[FREE] Muzix - Offline Music Player App [AIA Included]

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well.
I’ve created this app very long time ago.
and today I fixed few things and tested in companion, it worked fine for me. (not tested complied apk, so check yourself)

Note: There might be some bugs in it. so you’ve to deal with them by yourself


AIA File

muzixAudioPlayer.aia (414.0 KB)


Well. done @devcafeofficial , nice UI

Make sure that you use latest version of extensions. Also it would be nice to credit the developers of the extensions used in your topic

Thx for reporting, I know it would crash. because it was made on old version of kodular and old version of extensions.
but this file works okay in companion. So i gave this file to all of you to learn from it, like, how it works and whats happening in blocks and design.
so dont try to edit this AIA. Try to learn from it and create your own on latest version.


I checked all the bugs . I debuged it it was crashing in android 11 (Companinon and device) , Android 10 (only device)

It is happening because of @Taifun 's extension


I removed both
Taifun File is changed with asset audios and url
Taifun player is changed with exo player

Now it works fine
still some small bugs are there

Enderman (Aka Shreyansh Sahoo)

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what about upgrading to the latest versions of all the extensions…
the SDK30 release changed a lot…


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Music Player Extension’s Latest Version SDK 29 as mentioned in website