[Free | No ADS] Nitnem Sahib - Nitnem and Gurbani

Nitnem Sahib - Nitnem and Gurbani

Simple app for Nitnem and Gurbani without ADS, to read/learn bani so that everyone can use it.

Currently App Contains:

  • Japji Sahib
  • Chaupai Sahib
  • Anand Sahib
  • Kirtan Sohila
  • More will be added in future


  • Amoled Friendly Pure Black Dark theme
  • Auto Scroll
  • Ad Free Forever
  • Simple Interface
  • Hindi and Punjabi
  • Right / Center Align Bani text
  • Go Full Screen
  • Enable / Disable Text Selection



Thank You so much to @dora_paz @Balajidev @Still-learning and all the other community members those who helped me completing the app.


Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.talentbrick.nitnem
Contact: [email protected]


Help me add more Bani’s to this app or maybe just report bugs.

You can help me add more bani’s by contributing bani in html format, for eg. you have paragraph tags and br tags so leave br tags as it is but paragraph tags sometimes have issues so simply use find and replace and remove starting p tag then again use find and replace and replace ending p tag with double <br><br> tags.


Congrats for your app. And keep making apps…
:clap: :clap: :clap:
I do not know niether Hindi nor Punjabi

But it lloks good


Thanks for your feedback!

Tomorrow I will make a new release on Play Store with some bug fixes and new settings ui.

New release is out!

Very nice application

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  • Added New Scroll Position Feature
  • Search and Dark Mode issues resolved
  • Performance Improvements
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Update Now

@dora_paz You can close this thread I am no longer using kodular for this app. I have shifted to App Inventor instead.

Users can follow this thread now:

Closed at OP’s request

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