[Free] Whatsapp UI Design

Hello everyone today I have made WhatsApp UI design with Chats, Status and Calls.
But there is no blocks, you have to build it by your own​:wink:



Apk:(Click here)
Aia:(Click here)

Don’t forget to give comments:sweat_smile::grinning:

Happy Koding:kodular:


Good Copy.

is it Only UI,
or you made it functional for lists with Database.

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Sorry I had forgetton to write it​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Now I have written it

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Good UI :heart_eyes: But colors not match by whatsapp :sweat_smile:


In next update I will do that @Unknown_Designer


Also Add Dark Mode.


OK tommorow I will do that

Sorry, but this is not the first time in Kodular (according to your topic title) that anyone has made Whatsapp like list.
It has been done previously by other user :point_down:


I have changed it

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Nice work.

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Hello everyone I will be building whatsapp app design (only design) so should I add all design or anything else?:thinking:

I am really confused​:sweat_smile:

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not dark mode is used always in whatsapp.in 1of my phone it is dark and in other light

u just make a copy whatsapp design guide

All in the settings will be disabled and dark will not be there now

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Please edit it… Becomes difficult to read with all capitals

Hello everyone

Today I have built the another version of this app(2.0).
Some changes are there but till now the settings option is not there.


I will be giving the aia file tomorrow as I will build the settings part also.

Apk Version “2.0”(Click Here)

  • This version is better than version 1
  • This is the worst version

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Also don’t forget to give comments :sweat_smile:

And please tell me that where I have to improve the UI in the app​:grinning:


Happy :kodular:oding

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Also please vote so that I can decide that I am building apps better now or not​:sweat_smile:

Oh @Ekansh_Pandit it means that you didn’t liked my app​:sob:.
But I will make it look more better.:grinning:

just remove those lines and done