[FREE] πŸ’Œ Notification Style: extension with various types of notification. πŸ’Œ

You can add event onSimplenotification Clicked, return = title , subtitle , big text enabled , start value and id. As owner has added this extension as open source so you can edit it for own purpose.

How can I show time in notification? And update it continuously

See here:

yes .Has been tested and the notification remains after the application is closed until the cancel command is applied

not work
error says cannot accept argument’
used t for recever message

We are no mindreaders. :wink: Please elaborate.

I used this for chat app as receiver msg notification where earlier i placed simple notification which work fine but I like this extension and tried it
. Make my app for version above 23 and tried but not work.

In empty string it takes sender number autometically. As per extension developer.

I kept simple notification it works fine but this notification not working

??? any suggest

How to update notification without sending new notification

:warning:Update: Music notification is no longer showing with the current version of Kodular and Android.

Notification click not working

Downloader1 and Custom_download are two different components :thinking: maybe that’s why

no, custom Downloader open file all time working.
custom Downloader open file = open downloader folder in file manager

its working perfactly

What is the id number in the notification block?

a number of your choice to identify a notification, for example 1 or 42
if you use the same id for another notification you will overwrite the previous notification


can i use this extension and detect a new value in firebase or airtable?

No, because this is a notification extension but not a β€œdetect a value in Firebase or Airtable” extension


Is this work on background?(for streaming music player)

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