[DISCONTINUED] πŸ’Œ Notification Style: extension with various types of notification. πŸ’Œ

How to add more than one progress notifcation using same extension

Very useful and epic extension. I am very shocked that it is a free extension.

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Please help me. I don’t know how to use this extension yet.
how to send and receive this message using Simple Notification block

I want to remove a notification from the notification panel but cancellAllNotifications not working.

The official language is English. Please translate your post.

Can you make it in the background? Like the App was closed, is it still going on or just inside the App? I really need this because my App is chat.

The app works fine but when installing it, warns that it is unsafe, why?

what about first doing a search in the community?


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Thank you so much for this extension!!
Only one question: is it possible to make a notification permanent?
If yes, how?

Thanks for this extensoin can you please add a click event on **

i am using this extensoin with background task and i want that if user click on simpleNotification Open App


You can use background task Extensoin For that

Does anyone know how to the receiver message part of it


and what is the group part for?

@jarlissonlira2 Your Music Notification is not working as you have given in apk & aia file both

@Blogtriggers This has been known for a long time. And there are also solutions to this. Search the forum.

See e.g. here:

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Hello, does anyone know how the last update of this extension turned out?
what versions of android is it working for?

I have been looking for this type of notification for a long time but only for said notification to appear while the application is running. It’s not for music or anything (no radio, no playback, etc)

and the extension activates the vibration every time the notification appears

please do a test yourself for the different available notification types and all Android versions starting from Android 5, then let us know, what you find out
thank you


hi, can I receive notifications when the app is closed?