MediaStyleNotification that also works on → Android ≥ 11

To all experienced extension developers. @ExtensionDevelopers
We need a MediaStyleNotification that also works with → Android ≥ 11.

From min 7:23 (duration about 1 min):


This extension might really be a challenge.
So come on guys …


I am using android 11 and paid version of media style notification and it works fine.
Phone MI10T Lite, Android 11

can you please provide a link to the documentation of that extension, so that others who are interested are able to purchase it?

I have been using for years. It is on your site:

Can you please post the APK.
I’ll test it on one of my Android 11 device (Pixel 2 XL).

And please post the relevant blocks.

@sp4ubw I suggest sending the APK privately instead of publicly.

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You’re right.


ok, thank you, here is the link to the archived Appybuilder page


I have already tested this extension and it does not work on Android 11.

I tested it (→

There are no MediaStyleNotifications on Android 11.


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Apparently xiaomi has given up on new notifications and left the old ones.
They are now to give a newer soft on Wednesday. Notifications will likely stop working on this. I’ll check it.

Thanks for the test.

Now I also checked the Samsung S10 with Android 11. It also works properly.
My conclusion is that only on a clean Google system these notifications do not work properly.

Please explain what “a clean Google system” should be.

Btw, see this PM in the AI2 forum (I hope it’s okay posting it @Ken):

PM from AI2 forum

Maybe it needs a little incentive.
I am offering a $ 100 reward for a solution.

@jarlissonlira2 @Atom_Developer @Taifun @vknow360
and all the others …


So the issue is that Notification is not being shown on Android 11?

Yes exactly. It works fine for all other Android versions (< Android 11).

I forgot to name one of the best and cleverest developers here: → @Shreyash


And now, having received and tested @Shreyash’s solution, I have to say:
He is simply the best !


So we will get that extension for free ? :smiley: :pray: