MediaStyleNotification - request for a new version for android 12

Version from this thread:

does not work on android 12.

A request, could someone check on android 12 if this extension works for him?
I’m testing on Samsung S21 and it doesn’t work.


I already have the fourth update of android 12 and the error is still there.
This doesn’t seem to work on A.12

Which extension are you talking about?

Post a link to the extension you tried.

I wrote about this version:

What does not work?
Error message etc … ?

Now - A.12 - it works after rebooting the phone. The notification shows, the buttons work, the click action works. But after using the method UrsMediaNotification.Stop cannot be displayed again. Only restarting the phone helps.

I did not write what does not work, because I wanted info from other android 12 owners.
Perhaps it’s Samsung’s fault, not Android 12?

Show your blocks and post a test aia.

I checked it now on a Pixel 4XL (Android 12).
No issues at all.

Drop the AIA file. I will check on the Samsung S21.