MediaStyleNotification remove previous and next buttons

Is there a way to remove the previous and next buttons from the extension GitHub - shreyashsaitwal/media-notification: An MIT AI2 extension that allows developers to show media style notifications for their media applications. so that only the play and pause button remain as well as the attached images. Or is there another extension that allows me to do this? and it works on all android versions. Shreyash and bodymindpower
Screenshot_20220627-164833_Radio Ovacion FM
Screenshot_20220627-164555_Radio Ovacion FM
Screenshot_20220627-164700_Radio Ovacion FM
Screenshot_20220627-164735_Radio Ovacion FM

No, the media style notification extension doesn’t support hiding the previous and next buttons. It is possible to modify the extension to support this but I don’t have time to work on it right now.

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there is some similar extension that allows to remove these buttons. It’s for a live radio.

There is a similar extension but I’m not aware if it allows to do this. You might want to check that yourself. Link to the extension:

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It does …

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I already used AI2 Media Notification, it shows a message the app has stopped, I also tried a test apk and got the same error on android 4.4 and android 5.0, android 6.0 real devices Samsung.

Works fine on AI2, Kodular & Niotron.

If you download the apk on a phone with android 4 up to version 7, you get the message the application has stopped. but if you use a later version it works fine. I need a play and pause notifier for my online radio that works on android 4 and up to 12. So please download the sample apk here first and I had that problem. Can you confirm the same for me please? I urgently need a media notifier for my project.

  1. The minSdkVersion = 21 (Android 5) with Kodular.
  1. There is no APK.
  1. No.

You are right, I meant to say import aia and then download in apk, so you suggest me to transfer my project to kodular and have better results.

Hello, please I saw in your profile that you have applications for ios and android, what platform do you use to make applications for ios. it’s for non-programmers, similar to appinventor or kodular, thanks in advance for your help, have a great day. Profile - bodymindpower - Kodular Community