Slider and Button to change to Pause Button When playing Audio

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Please do not just post a .AIA file. No one likes to do your work by downloading such a thing.

Please share images of your blocks, this is the clue. Thx.


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be online i have fixed this issue and right now i’m testing it


im online, can you please show me

i’ll send it to newly created topic on same topic. but now another error came…please wait…

okay, i will be expecting it. Thank you

do one thing attach aia in you new topic of same thing.

SpeedRadioApp.aia (809.9 KB)


send aia to recreated post

Check my first post you will see the first .aia, the one i uploaded now is that i tried to modify it if maybe it will work but it still doesn’t work. I will be grateful if you can help

duplicate post

don’t do that again… your account might get suspended next time…