[FREE] OneSignalPush: Integrate latest OneSignal SDK (5.0.2) in your app to send Push notifications [DEPRECATED]

Do you know how to use it with android 12?

not actually, please show me blocks. thank you

See first post at the top.

ChangeLog Version 3

There was a minor change needed to send notif to all subs which I have done in v3.


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does it woks now for firebase auth?

No, neither I have any plans to make it compatible with Firebase Auth.
Since I have published firebase auth+storage extension of my own.

So it is better for me to make an ecosystem to be independent of 3rd party platform.

Hello Thanks for your valuable support. I’m new to codes. Which one should I use in my application? There are multiple plugins here. v2 v3 etc.

push v3 and deps v2 aix.

PlayStore notified me of this when I tried to submit the update for my app with co component. I don’t have Android 13, but from what I saw in the playstore notification, the extension causes the app to crash. Any solution for this?

Does it mean app working fine on Android 12?

As far as I’m testing, yes, it’s only on Android 6 that it didn’t work. I haven’t tested it on Android 13 yet

I have android 13 and extension works fine.
What other extensions are you using?
First make sure your issue in only because of this extension.

As soon as I put an extension in my app and don’t execute any function, the app crashes. (exported as apk)

In the companion view I then get the following message:
Error from Companion: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method getDebug()Lcom/onesignal/debug/IDebugManager; in class Lcom/onesignal/OneSignal; or its super classes (declaration of ‘com.onesignal.OneSignal’ appears in base.apk!classes4.dex)

What do you think?

Oh, sorry.
You haven’t added OneSignalDeps aix to your project.
You need to import and add push v3 and deps v2 aix.

Yes, it’s included.

Extension doesn’t work in companion.

I think Location Sensor component is reason. Remove it then try.

now it’s working. the app no longer crashes.
But now I’m still wondering how to set it up so that users can receive a message directly.
In the end, it should be the case that users receive individual messages

I finally got it done. Thanks for the help

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Can anybody help me? What’s wrong with my blocks? the push notification does not reach the device :confused: