[FREE] OneSignalPush: Integrate latest OneSignal SDK (5.0.2) in your app to send Push notifications [DEPRECATED]

My application is crashing after using this extension (app closing instant) … Am i doing something wrong ?

still crashing even after all blocks are removed (device oneplus Nord 5G)

Have you added all required aix to project?

Its Working Great in android 13 and 14 ,
but recently i installed my app in android 6.0.1 sdk version 23 after installing it my app is crashing , even not opening … please give me a solution for lower android version… thanks
ADB Logcat attached …

Can You Answer please?

Are you using any other firebase component?

No i am not using any other

Upload apk to drive and pm me.
Also send a video demonstrating steps to produce error.

There’s not any solution at the moment and neither I can assure you for next week. It’ll take time being a free extension.

Deprecated !!

Why :frowning_with_open_mouth::frowning_with_open_mouth: This extension is the best

It will continue working but won’t receive future updates.

I’ll release a downgraded version (small size as well) soon which will be paid.

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