[FREE] OpenCDN : Documents & Image Hosting

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This is a small tutorial on how you can use image and document hosting on opencdn.hstn.me.
You can use this only for showing images as well as download feature is now available.

Picture of all the blocks


[Demo - Image on Pasteboard]


Go to opencdn.hstn.me then upload your image you jpg is preferred or any other doc.
You’ll get the link below the form.
Insert the link in web viewer where you want.

Link to Website/Host


Download Image/Document

Replace “teas.php” with “render.php” and value as extension.

Example :
From: http://opencdn.hstn.me/src/teas.php?hash=-1088225196&value=jpg

To: http://opencdn.hstn.me/src/render.php?hash=-1088225196&value=jpg
This will download file named downloaded.jpg
I you want to rename it use

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Thanks for your contribution!

So please change your topic’s category to #guides :slightly_smiling_face:
P.S: when I try to change it myself I got an error , (“you are not permitted to view the requested resource”), that doesn’t happen with other categories :sweat:


Me too, I’m also not able to change and I get the same message : you are not permitted to view the requested resource